Fraud Prevention for Cashless Payment Systems

The RiskShield product family prevents abuse with cashless payment systems worldwide. Designed as a true multi-channel solution, RiskShield provides fraud prevention for:

RiskShield is a full 24x7 real-time system. It prevents fraud by intercepting with fraudulent transactions online and by generating case reports for offline investigation. For each portfolio, RiskShield prevents fraud at both issuer and acquirer side.

Although global fraud with cashless payment continues to grow at an astronomical rate, RiskShield has not only succeeded in beating this trend, but also in reversing it. Consequently, RiskShield is not only beneficial for the profitability of your systems, is also helps to keep your customer's confidence in you, and protects your brand value.

Unmatched Performance

In real-life operation for major European portfolios, RiskShield saves half the total fraud volume with false/positive rates between 3:1 and 6:1 for credit card transactions.

Try Before You Buy

Let proof what RiskShield can do for your business. We take your transaction data, run it through RiskShield, and return the results to you. Wait until you receive the fraud reports of that period, and you can calculate exactly what RiskShield would have saved for you.

Multi-Channel Approach

RiskShield is the only fraud prevention system that was crafted to be a multi-channel solution by design. Combine credit and debit cards. Issuer and acquirer fraud prevention. Internet banking and mobile payment. Anti money laundering. One investment into RiskShield will protect all your applicable lines of business from fraud damage.

Market Success

Since its introduction to the marketplace in the year 2001, RiskShield has become a leading choice. In only 3 years on the market, RiskShield today protects transactions of 122 million cardholders in 7 major portfolios worldwide. Please see our customer references and contact us so we can demonstrate to you the RiskShield advantage.

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